The CMO's Guide to Modern Marketing

The digital age put consumers in charge and for many companies it feels like they lost control of their destiny. But now there’s an easy way through the complexity of the new marketplace.

The Marketer’s Playbook shows executives how to win with digitally savvy consumers. It explains, step-by-step, what’s important, what’s not, and how to connect-the-dots into a modern marketing system. With The Marketer’s Playbook, companies can once again take charge of their future.

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What’s Inside

Intro: Connecting The Dots

If you run a company or the marketing at a company, or you’re an executive tasked with making sales happen or making sure customers are happy. This book is for you.

You’ll get a step by step guide on how to build a modern marketing system. As a marketer, your role now is to understand what pieces are needed, what each piece needs to do, and how it needs to connect to all the other pieces in your marketing puzzle. Our mission in writing The Marketer’s Playbook was to give you a practical guide on how to get there.

01: Think Before You Act

We cover the ten steps for developing a marketing plan, in detail, covering everything from segmentation and personas and consumer journey mapping to channel strategy, messaging frameworks, content strategies and more.

02: The Engine For Growth

This chapter explains what a modern brand has to be…what makes it up, from your Brand Purpose, which is not making money, your Brand Mission, Brand Values. Value Proposition, Positioning versus your competition and Your Brand Personality, and how to express it visually and through voice and tone.

03: Hello World

Marketing used to be all about advertising. Not anymore. In this chapter, we look at all the options and talk about which ones make sense at this stage of the game. We discuss Brand advertising, direct response campaigns, media planning and brand activation, which is using channels like your website to get new prospects. We also talk about the role of creativity at this stage.

04: Courting Success

Cultivating and nurturing the prospects you attract is essential. It’s a bit complicated too. It requires planning, technology, great content, and lots of it, process and a well-oiled machine. In this chapter we cover mass selling, lead identification and nurturing, inbound, outbound, email, mobile and more. We discuss how to construct the system, what software you need and what to ignore.

05: Closing The Deal

In this chapter, we discuss the next iteration of e-commerce, just around the corner, which will allow companies to handle more complex sales online. We outline the steps to growing conversion rates. How to increase order sizes, upselling, cross-selling and more.

06: Winning The Marathon

The most successful companies are those that have figured out not only how to get customers but how to keep them. Easier said than done. You need tools in place like Net Promoter score, as an early warning system. Moreover, you need to plan what you’re going to do with customers over time so your relationship and their value will grow.

07: Firing On All Cylinders

It’s one thing to paint a picture of the ideal marketing system. It’s another to get it built and operating correctly. That’s why we saved the best for last with a practical discussion of what it takes to get a system developed and then what it takes to maximize it. It’s a puzzle, but you have to solve it, and we show you how.

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